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hello mr cecerimy name is levon Williams and I am looking at a fha lease option mtg is this something you can do.thank you

by levwilliams1971183 from Las Vegas, Nevada. Jan 19th 2017 Reply

Larry Gray (lgray_312_247)
#594 ranked lender in California - 1,139 contributions

No question in my mind nor many of my past borrowers who have been happy to purchase their own home, that there are many rewards in having your own home and so however you can get the home at reasonable cost might well be worthwhile. However, I caution you to be careful in regards to lease options as they are often not a good deal for prospective home purchasers. For one, is there a guarantee to lock in the price of the home? Is there a guarantee the money you pay on top of the lease payments will be credited towards your down payment, closing costs etc? Also, I do not know of lease options wherein you do not have to qualify at the time you plan to exercise the option to buy, or lose all the money you put towards purchasing. More often then not it is best to get with a mortgage broker/banker who has experience with credit issues if you need to work on any, and with various options such as down payment and sometimes closing costs assistance as well. It may well be to your benefit to patiently work on getting qualified to go looking for the right home for you to buy instead of leasing with the hopes of owning it eventually. You very well may qualify for down payment assistance and closing costs assistance. I would be happy to direct an email from you to our branch in Nevada to assist you, as I only do loans and DPA in California.

Jan 20th 2017
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