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Help! My Credit Score Dropped and I'm In Closing.

I was approved for a $487k 30yr fixed Conventional Loan at 4.58% and I am in closing, 18 days in. I was told by my LO not to pull any credit or remove savings from my account until after we close (+30 days). My Husband who I am legally separated from but still have joint credit, applied for a new car loan and my credit score dropped 23 points (670 to 650). Will my Lender drop me? I am worried and I don't know if they will find out or not or if this will cause my interest rate to go's at 4.78% today. Please, any info is appreciated. by redwine_jah23126 from Bakersfield, California. May 17th 2018 Reply

Brian Paris (bparis)
#632 ranked lender in California - 51 contributions

Credit reports are typically good for 90 days. The lender will pull a pre-close report, typically this report is not scored. They only look for additional inquires, increased balances and new accounts. We would ask that you explain the inquiry, and disclose if any new debt was acquired. Why did you apply with your separated husband? They can't pull your credit without signed authorization.

May 17th 2018
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