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Help with getting a mortgage on a flipped property...

I am interested in purchasing a triplex (30k annualy in rent) that is currently priced at 350k, but the seller bought it in November for 280k (looks like they went under contract in August so im guessing it was a short sale).I've looked around in the area and havent found anything even close to the price and the seller isn't willing to come down on price.Would I have a problem getting a loan on the property even though i would be paying 70k more on it than the seller paid 2 months ago? by samsung3 from Mojave Valley, Arizona. Jan 4th 2011 Reply

Sarah N. Montes (FUNDINGNOW)
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We can fund your purchase! We are not a traditional bank, we shouldn't have an issue.Contact us for the

Jan 19th 2011
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