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Home Loan inquiry San Francisco

I am looking for a mortgage broker for obtaining a mortgage loan for a property in San Francisco.My situation:I am living and working in Europe, with an European passport and no current residency permit (greencard) for the USI own significant amount of US S&P 500 "blue chip" stocks currently valued at about USD 800.000I would like to purchase a property in San Francisco, renting it out in the next 10 years, possibly used as retirement home in 10-20 yearsI want to put no cash down for 100% financing but pledge some or all investments as collateral for the loan amountIs it possible to get a competitive 30yr fixed rate mortgage (currently at about 4%)?If yes, what is the process? by michae_523_847 from San Francisco, California. Nov 26th 2011 Reply

Brian Allen (ballen)
#43 ranked lender in Maryland - 191 contributions

Will do 50% LTV loan with pledge to 90% CLTV can provide more information if interested ARM products available, Contact me at

Nov 26th 2011
Nathan Rufty (nathan.rufty)
#523 ranked lender in California - 63 contributions

Michael, explore all options, any traditional lending, like FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will need to see 2 years worth of U.S. tax returns. Your best option is to explore private money or Hard Money loan. The rate will be slightly higher because this is some what out the box lending.

Nov 27th 2011
Rudi Hofmann (CaPortfolioLoans)
#278 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

A pledged assets loan pledging about $800,000 in liquid assets may qualify for about $400,000 financing with 10% down. $400,000 is not going to buy much in San Francisco. You may want to look at other areas. Also, this would have to be a 2nd home, not a rental. ... Happy funding, Rudi

Nov 28th 2011
Blake Kleckner (BlakeK)
#387 ranked lender in California - 258 contributions

Depending upon your ability to qualify for a loan, it may be possible to use your liquid assets in a particular loan program from 1 of our 39 lenders to purchase your rental home in San Francisco. While 100% financing may be unlikely, 90% is not. The interest rate is very much predicated on the cost of the home you purchase, your FICO scores, and some other relevant financial criteria. I will be happy to discuss the loan possibilites with you, Michael. Please call me at 626-796-7712 or 626-644-2020. Click on my picture and you will be redirected to our web site. Our corporate office is in the San Francisco area, which will make it very convenient for me to work with you on your loan.

Dec 2nd 2011
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