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How Do I Get My Credit Score Cleaned Up?

I just found out my credit score is 590. I have two loans student and car but they are both paid on time. I have a bunch of medical debt due to my cancer....however some of the claims are incorrect and I have filed a dispute on them. How do I make sure they get taken off my report by mikala938 from Brea, California. Sep 16th 2010 Reply

Matt Triplett (archercredit)
#18 ranked lender in Utah - 5 contributions

You are on the right track by disputing them with the credit bureaus. If they aren't yours your should come off in 30-45 days. You can also contact the creditor that is reporting the debt and ask them to remove it.You should also look into other areas affecting your score, like debt to limit ratio and types of credit. Work on everything and it should raise your credit score.

Oct 12th 2010
Christina Hayes (CreditRepairExpert)
#8 ranked lender in Tennessee - 68 contributions

You definately want to see if any of your family member will piggyback their credit to you... What this means is that they add you as an authorized user to their open and positive credit cards.. Be sure the family member doing you the favor has a tradeline aka credit card account that is within 45% of the credit line.. This will boost your score any where from 50-100 points.. Disputing inquiries helps as well.. It is believed that inquiries pull your score down anywhere from 2-5 points each and having them deleted will raise your score(s) by that much... Inquiries remain on your credit for 2 years.. Be sure to dispute the ones you do not have an account with.. The bureaus will delete these inquiries... Happy Score Improving...

Dec 20th 2010
JENNIFER URANGA (JennatAmerifirst)
#42 ranked lender in Arizona - 40 contributions

It is important to make sure that you understand what will affect your score and what will not while fixing your credit scores. Getting accounts removed from your report is easiest when you have clear proof to give to the account holder on the credit report. This will take a little work. You will need to figure out which of these credit collectors actually holds the account at this time and have them send proof of that to you. You can then contact each duplicate company and speak to a supervisor about having their company remove the collection. This is not an easy task and can be very frustrating since these people could care less about your credit. They just want your money. I normally recommend a company that our mortgage office refers borrowers with your situation to. I don't feel right posting it here unless you ask for it. If you would like to speak with them just reply to this answer and I will give it to you.

Sep 17th 2010
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