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Husbands Judgement What Do I have to Lose?

My husband has a large judgment against him. Can they take my equityeven though I'm not named in the judgment? We live in CA by marryquin2229 from Santa Barbara, California. Jul 2nd 2010 Reply

Jim Teak II (jimteak)
#238 ranked lender in California - 14 contributions

Yes...They Will Attach ALL Your Community Property; Unless You Filed Previously A "Homestead Act" On Your Home...Call 24/7/365...Jim Teak II @

Jul 2nd 2010
Rudi Hofmann (CaPortfolioLoans)
#282 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

For legal questions, consul with an attorney. .... Happy funding, Rudi

Jul 3rd 2010
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