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i am a vet with credit score of 630-660

my wifes score is 530-630 depending on which angency you use. before we waist alot of time i will give some specifics so you can determine if you think you can help. mortgage is 39000.00 credit cards etc 20000.00 price of garge 24000.00. home is double wide on permanent foundation with 1/12 acres of land apraised at >90000.00. want to consoladate to one bill clear any derogatory credit and put in garage. mo gross income aprox 8000.00 by edward mcclellon from parkton, North Carolina. Dec 30th 2009 Reply

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Dec 30th 2009
Angelo Datseris (Angelo Datseris)
#2 ranked lender in North Carolina - 22 contributions

What is her middle score?

Dec 31st 2009
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