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I am qualified for the Fannie Mae appliance incentive and need more information on the appliances that are availible

I am in the middle of buying a house and was told when my offer was accepted that I qualified for the Fannie Mae Appliance incentive. The selling agent is not giving us much information on this. Such as prices and type of appliances that I am able to get. Is all I know is that I am getting the 3.5% in closing and the rest can be put toward any Whirlpool appliance. Do you know what exact details on the appliances that I can get? by mrowe30 from Hayden, Idaho. Mar 11th 2010 Reply

There is a form the Fannie Mae listing broker should provide you called the Buyer Selection Form which is a list of available Whirlpool products from Fannie Mae. You pick and choose the ones you want from the list. There's also a price list for the agent with costs for each of the available items. The prices are extremely good; I was unable to come close to the prices when comparing the same items at online retailers. I have copies if you need them. This is a great program but isn't being well supported. Not much of a surprise.Mike Corwin Fannie Mae homepath buyer

Mar 13th 2010

Did you submit the request for the incentive with your offer on the Fannie Mae property? The listing agent told me I was not eligible and I have since learned that I am, but didn't mention it in the offer.

Apr 23rd 2010
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