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I inherited a home with a VA loan, if the mortgage company allows me to assume the loan do I have to meet certain credit criteria

by tovahott289 from Sacramento, California. Jul 27th 2017 Reply

Dan Marchiando (
#473 ranked lender in California - 29 contributions

Hi,You should not have to have the lender approve you to take over payment of the inherited property and loan as long as you fall under the rule of the Garn-St. Germain Act. It is very likely that you can just continue to make the payments on the existing loan, as if you were the original borrower. For residential property of 1-4 units max, under certain circumstances, the lender may NOT enforce the due-on-sale clause upon:(5) a transfer to a relative resulting from the death of a borrower;(6) a transfer where the spouse or children of the borrower become an owner of the property;(7) a transfer resulting from a decree of a dissolution of marriage, legal separation agreement, or from an incidental property settlement agreement, by which the spouse of the borrower becomes an owner of the property;You can read more about this here: Marchiando, a California Mortgage Broker

Jul 27th 2017
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