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I need a conventional loan 2 yrs after chapter 7 since FHA and VA are so strict with what condo I can buy

by lavoca_759_240 from Newington, Connecticut. Oct 6th 2012 Reply

Jeff Heidtmann (Jeff Heidtmann)
#1 ranked lender in Connecticut - 14 contributions

You have no other choice conventional loans will not do it

Oct 6th 2012
Joe Metzler (JoeMetzler)
#1 ranked lender in Minnesota - 4,296 contributions

With just two year out from a bankruptcy, there really are no conventional options. Furthermore, conventional loans, just like FHA have additional rules for condo's, so a conventional loan wouldn't necessarily help with condo association rules anyway. One of the reasons many condo's are "affordable" is because fewer people can obtain financing on them, therefore driving the price down. If the project you are interested in isn't FHA or Conventional Approved - I suggest you shy away from it anyway...

Oct 7th 2012

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Jan 5th 2013
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