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I need to lower my monthly mortgage payment and do not have perfect credit, help.

How do I refinance with less than perfect credit? by Jaime Bland from Petersburg, West Virginia. Mar 11th 2010 Reply

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Hello Jaime - We specialize in borrowers with credit issues ...if the home that you are looking to refinance is located in the state of California I can help !!! We have many programs that are available with fico scores as low as 600 and if your score happens to be lower then that we have a credit repair company that will assist you in clearing up those issues and then doing what is known as a "Rapid Rescore " to get your score high enough for the program that best suits your needs.We have a online quick Qualification form that you can fill out and have a answer within a couple of hours or feel free to contact me at (310) 984-0496 Jeffrey Martino Young

Mar 11th 2010
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