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I want lower to 25 year fixed. Is appraisal required

by andrea stane from no. little rock, Arkansas. Dec 15th 2010 Reply

Eddie Stephen (EdtheLoanGuy)
#13 ranked lender in Colorado - 24 contributions

Not necessarily it will depend on what type of loan your currently have. Also depending on the findings feedback, you can sometimes get an appraisal waiver so you don't necessarily have to get an appraisal. Let me know if you have additional 866-218-9696

Dec 16th 2010
Dan Paladin (dpaladin)
#1 ranked lender in California - 658 contributions

The standard answer would be yes.....there are some variables...though most likely..Contact me to discuss your specific scenario....Dan "The Loanman"

Dec 15th 2010
Rick Pelleriti (RickPelleriti)
#364 ranked lender in California - 59 contributions

If you are looking to get a lower rate with a refinance, then a new loan will require an appraisal as the lender needs to know there is enough equity to approve the loan.If you just want to pay off your loan in 25 years, consider making a higher payment. You can use an amortization schedule to determine what payment is required to pay off your loan in 25 years.

Dec 22nd 2010
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