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I want to put my son on my mortgage, can this be done?

by wolfejj441 from San Diego, California. Jun 2nd 2017 Reply

Laleh Hanks (
#1106 ranked lender in California - 15 contributions

Hello, You can put your son on title with you at any time. You can refi and add your son at any time pending the qualification requirements. You can't add your son to a mortgage you already have and I am not so sure why you would want to though? Some loans are assumable but not many. I have been lending for 15 years and have a lot of experience with adding co-borrowers and title strategies.I see you are located in San Diego. We have an office in Rancho Bernardo and Point Loma. Feel free to contact us because each situation, your goals with what you want to accomplish and qualifications vary. I would like to better understand what you want and why so you know the best way to actually go about it. team(@) is the best email. You can call me at 888-853-5525. You can find many reviews for us on Yelp as well.

Jun 2nd 2017
Larry Gray (lgray_312_247)
#594 ranked lender in California - 1,139 contributions

Most often the reason someone wishes to add a family member to a mortgage loan is to qualify for a home refinance purchase loan. If that is your principle reason for adding your son to a mortgage loan then the answer is an absolute yes. This is not the case with all mortgage loans but generally on a loan that fits the qualifications for a Freddie mac or fannie mae loan, you will be able to add your son .For most of us experienced in originating and overseeing hundreds of loans adding a family member to a loan is common enough. Reviews are certainly easy to find for us, Mason McDuffie, and even for me individually, though I am an aging duffer utilizing electronics only necessary for the smooth transaction of a mortgage loan.

Jun 5th 2017
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