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if i have 7 months left in the military will i be eligible for a va loan

Additional details of your question here by karma0_657_158 from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Dec 23rd 2012 Reply

Linda Wintersteen (Linda123)
#62 ranked lender in Arizona - 1,256 contributions

yes , your va benefits stay with you, forever, unless there was a dishonorable discharge.. i love working with vets, my dad was a WW2 pilot , so i am very familar with the milatary life.. you can give me a call or email me at linda

Dec 23rd 2012
Carlo Sanchez (MortgageLendingPro)
#0 ranked lender in Utah - 1,163 contributions

Yes, so long as you served long enough and don't have a dishonorable discharge. Check with the VA and make sure they have your DD214 info all updated as well. The last few VA loans I have done the DD214 was not updated correctly and it took a little bit to get that corrected for the eligibility to move forward with the loan.

Dec 24th 2012
Joe Metzler (JoeMetzler)
#1 ranked lender in Minnesota - 4,092 contributions

Yes... But check with a local licensed non-bank VA experienced Loan officer for more details. in MN or WI visit

Dec 25th 2012
Steven Ceceri (CreativeFinancingOptionsGroup)
#36 ranked lender in Massachusetts - 723 contributions

You are eligible to use your benefits now as long as you are currently employed by the United States Government. Start by visiting the following website to get your DD214 (I don't think anyone gave you this information): This is where you should start and then proceed to get in touch with a Trusted Mortgage Professional who can help get your pre-approved for your purchase. If your goal is to purchase a home, then you should get started now. I would be very happy to work with you or answer any direct questions you may have. I wish you the best of luck and Thank You for your Military Service!

Jan 4th 2013
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