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If we have 20% equity in our home, can we still get a HELOC? if so, what would be the rate?

We are in Orange County, CA by DavidAsare1968 from Santa Ana, California. Mar 7th 2010 Reply

Debbi Lachowsky (debbi.lachowsky)
#4 ranked lender in Arkansas - 13 contributions

You should be able to find a local lender offering a HELOC program allowing you a 10% loan on the equity. The interest rate will be higher on the HELOC, so you may also want to discuss a cash-out refinance and look at the over-all picture based on how long your expecting to repay the loan because the interest rate will be variable on the HELOC. Any local lender will be happy to sit down with you and go over all your options so you can decide which fits your financial plan best. Good luck to you.

Mar 8th 2010
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