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inheriance of home

typo without the wives signing anythg..the wives did not sign anythg... by ttvjo11 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dec 4th 2011 Reply

Bert Carpenter (BertCarpenter)
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In a community property state, as a general rule, any asset that is inherited by one spouse is the separate property of that spouse, and remains separate property until it becomes co-mingled. As an example: A person dies and leaves home to your husband and his brother. Legally, your husband does not need your permission or signatures to do anything he wants with it. If he wants to give it away or sell it he can. If he wants to rent it out, the rent is his. However, once he deposits the rent money into a joint account, the money then belongs to both of you. Also, if he uses community property money to make repairs, the property can lose its separate property status. This is known as co-mingling. As far has his transferring his interest in the home without your signatures, he can do that, unless he has co-mingled the asset. If this is what he is doing and you believe the property is no longer separate, you would need to seek legal assistance to protect your rights.

Dec 5th 2011
Ms mary (www.loanfinancesolutionsltd)
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Dec 6th 2011
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