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Is it possible to get a home loan without W-2 and tax return?

I've been living in the United Sates for 4 years, no W-2, no tax return, since I'm a full-time student. All my income are come from my husband in Hong Kong. I have a credit score of 769 and I'm willing to put 20-30% down. So, no W-2, no tax return, but high credit score, stable income from out of the United States, and 20-30% down payment, can I get a home loan for an amount of 116,000? Thanks! My email: by mypmail from Cleveland, Ohio. Apr 1st 2011 Reply

Chris Gummerson (cgummerson11)
#397 ranked lender in California - 648 contributions

Are you a citizen or have green card? If you are working then you might have a shot if you put enough down. You can also do a hard money loan, which these lenders only care about how much money you put down. Usually you have to put 35-40% down for hard money. And if you do work and recieve income, you can do a no doc loan, if you put enough down and have high credit and assests. Contact me if you need further help. Thanks

Apr 1st 2011
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