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Is My Credit At Risk?

I quick claimed to ex and the mortgage still has my name on it. He is now 4 months behind on payments. Is my credit at risk or can I reverse the quick claim? What should I do? by Jessica53 from Boynton Beach, Florida. May 20th 2010 Reply

Gregorio Denny (GVDenny)
#255 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

Yes, your credit will be affected; a quit claim does not remove you from the mortgage obligation. You also cannot reverse a quit claim unless there was something fraudulent about the transaction. The only way to get off of the mortgage will be for your ex to refinance, which may or may not be possible based on his situation. I would advise you seek the advice of an attorney to go over your available options. Just know that you are not alone on this one, many people have found themselves in similar situations. Gregorio Denny - WeFixRates.Com

May 20th 2010
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