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loan question in florida

Income = 80K+ per year + unofficial $1300 per month rental in my single family home.Have a current Loan in primary residence = 400,000 of 820K at 5.5% 15 year, mortgage+tax = 4750 per monthWant to purchase multi family home in flordia for 441K, 30% down (potential income = 1500x4)Is this achievable? by gogatersgo from Plantation, Florida. Oct 12th 2009 Reply

JADYA MCNEILL (uslendingadmin)
#19 ranked lender in New Jersey - 7 contributions

Based on the information you provided this would be achievable. The main thing is to make sure that your ratios are OK which is calculated by your income and current debts. Since you do not claim your rental income on your single family the mortgage amount would be included in your debt ratio. I would be more than happy to speak to you and pre-qualify you for the loan with additional information provided from you. Please contact me at 800-339-8582 and ask for Jannette.

Oct 12th 2009
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