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Loans for Fixing A Home?

My dad just passed away and left me the house.. it is in need of some serious repairs. Are there any loans out there for this type of situation? who can help me? by jacobc8939 from Miami, California. Jul 20th 2010 Reply

Akali Dennie (adennie)
#53 ranked lender in Florida - 196 contributions

Sorry to hear about your dad. If you would like to do some repairs, you have several possibilities. You can do a refinance and take the "cash-out" needed for the repairs. Or you can take out an equity line for the repairs if you have the equity in the home. We are direct lenders and lend in all 50 states. I would be happy to provide you with a free quote. Please send me an email.

Jul 20th 2010
#299 ranked lender in California - 2 contributions

We have an FHA 203k loan that allows you to repair your home. How much money do you think that you will need? You may call me at 858-795-6830 Rick

Jul 20th 2010
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