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Looking to Buy - 1st Time Buyer

I can use some advise, I am looking to purchase my 1st home but I have been researching that rates are the highest since 2009...which scares me a little. It seems the market is headed for another crash. I am thinking waiting might be better. I am self employed, income is $88k/yr, FICO is 689, debt is about $2k/month and i was pre-approved for $395k. any advise is super - thanks lender411. by HorridToes38 from Red Rock, Arizona. Aug 16th 2018 Reply

Ralph Richard Guertin (
#136 ranked lender in Georgia - 807 contributions

Hi, what do you base your thought on that market might be heading for another crash? This home appreciation was brought on by an exaggerated drop during the crash and a slow build up of values it took 10 years, IMHO a sideways market sounds more realistic. Call William Acres he specializes in Arizona.

Aug 17th 2018
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