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Looking to buy a home when we move back to OC.

We are looking to buy a home within the next 3 months. I am a stay at home mother and my husband will be leaving his current job of 7 year to start with anew company. Is that going to affect us getting a loan? by tammy.james95 from Orange, California. Jan 15th 2018 Reply

Blake Kleckner (BlakeK)
#391 ranked lender in California - 261 contributions

Maybe, maybe not. It depends upon whether or not the new job is in the same line of work. If so, there should be no problem. We should just need his first pay stub and, possibly, only that his new job will begin after your loan closes. If his new job isn't in the same same line of work, it could still be feasible to get a loan if an adequate explanation can be given as to why the change. I have been able to do loans for clients in the same situation many times, crafting letters of explanation for them to avert any issues, and have never has any doing this. Give me a call 16/7, or email me your phone number so I can call you, and I'll be happy to walk you through the process. To learn more about me and our mortgage brokerage, click on my picture. When the next page pops up, click on "Website" and you will be redirected to ours. If you get a chance, read some of my blogposts on Lender411. They are quite informative. We work exclusively in CA and get loans done fast, typically in less than 30 days, at low interest rates and costs. I started doing mortgage loans in CA in 2005, only do them here so I have an exceptional understanding of this extraordinary market, and, unlike the vast majority of loan officers, I am an accountant by education. As such, I am able to analyze current market conditions and structure creative loan alternatives for my clients in a manner much different, and more advantageous to them, than virtually all other loan officers. Representing more than 60 quality lenders that offer in excess of 1,500 loan programs, we definitely have something for everybody.

Jan 15th 2018
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