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Looking to buy home in Texas but coming across a couple of issues.

My husband works in Dallas and owns a home in NJ that is solely under his name. I work and live in NJ. The lenders are stating they might not be able to use my income for the new loan since i work in NJ. A "motivation letter" was recommended, is this something that anyone believes would work? Would it be better if I was just listed as a cosigner? Thank you for any help on this. by tasha.bmk895 from Irving, Texas. 7 days ago Reply

Hi there, are you looking to purchase a primary residence in Texas? Will you be looking living in this property? If so, will your employer allow you to continue to work for them while living in Texas? Can they provide a letter stating this? If so, you shouldn't have a problem. If you are trying to purchase an investment property or second home, you won't need any letter.

6 days ago
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