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Looking to get a new home by January

Hello, I am looking to buy a new home that is a bit less then what this home costs. I would like to buy the home by January 10. I just became unemployed but my husband will be paying the mortgage with his six figure income.I would just buy a new home under my husbands name but we are not sure if he has stellar credit. I was told by the bank that I would have to do the application all over again. Which means I won't get approved because I'm on unemployment.So, what are my options? Is there a bank that would give me a loan based on the fact that I already have had a loan and a good track record? Should I rent out this home I am currently living in to show income so that I can get the new house? Would the fact that I could rent out a room make any difference?Thanks for your input by jillandjoe from Adams, Pennsylvania. Oct 14th 2009 Reply

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