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Lost My Job During Escrow

I lost my job last week and I have yet to share with my lender. We are in escrow (3 weeks in) and I am worried this will disqualify us. My husband is also working and we have $50,000 in savings. Should we be concerned? by BethBebea66556 from Clayton, Delaware. Jul 16th 2018 Reply

Lenders do a VOE before closing and will stop the file. Best you tell them and the agent sooner than later.

Jul 16th 2018
Joe Metzler (JoeMetzler)
#1 ranked lender in Minnesota - 4,146 contributions

YES, be very concerned. Lenders have to generally do an LQI right before closing. This is where they look at credit again, and verbally re-verify employment. It will be discovered, so you might as well spill the beans now, and hope he qualifies by himself.

Jul 17th 2018
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