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i have been on a mortorium for 2 years now, before i went on one i was told i was at the lowest income now(iwas working then)it was hard for me to pay 655.00 mth. now on SSD (why the moratorium) i was told that when i start to make payments (in 2 mths) they will be higher for sure(they still havent told me how much) what can i do if anything not to lose my home. i have put alot into it and i dont have any place to go. by calgar_417_368 from Topeka, Kansas. Oct 12th 2011 Reply

Linda Wintersteen (Linda123)
#62 ranked lender in Arizona - 1,256 contributions

i have a very good contact in kansas, he is better than most real estate lawyers.. if you need situations with your house .. if you are making SSD income , there is a way that helps you with the income factor please email me at

Oct 12th 2011
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