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my credit score is 598, im trying to get pre approved for a home loan to buy a cheap house that needs little to no work, ive found several houses all under 25,000.00, but to place a bid i need to be pre approved, how can i do that

trying to get preapproved for a home loan, under 25000.00 is there a form i fill out even if i havent decided what house i want to bid on by bmaloney6128 from Dayton, Ohio. Apr 28th 2010 Reply

Gregorio Denny (GVDenny)
#258 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

Rates have gone down since you first asked this question, if you have not locked a rate yet you may want to consider doing so.

Jun 13th 2010
Joe Shamie (Joe Shamie)
#4 ranked lender in New Jersey - 1,412 contributions

we can not do loans that small or with credit scores that low.

Apr 28th 2010
Marty Borges (mborges)
#254 ranked lender in California - 20 contributions

You will not get financing with a credit score that low. FHA is the lowest requirements and they require a 620. With a loan amount that low, I doubt any lender will do this loan. Your options are only private through a local bank if you can get one with that credit score. Sorry

Apr 28th 2010
Jim Brown (
#28 ranked lender in New Jersey - 21 contributions

Call me at 732-245-5121 I maybe be able to get you in under FHA will need to see your credit report. You can see who I am at I assume we are talking NJ. thanks JIM

Apr 29th 2010
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