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Need a home equity loan.

How long does it take to get a home equity loan? I have a fully owned house worth roughly 200k and I would like to get a loan of 15,000 to pay off credit card bills and to put a down payment on a car. Where do I begin? by carlin_431_674 from Boulder, Colorado. Nov 14th 2011 Reply

Nic Netherton (ColoradoLender)
#16 ranked lender in Colorado - 57 contributions

carlin- Your best bet to find a home equity loan of that size is likely a small community bank there in Boulder or of course your current bank that you use and see what options they are able to offer you. They are generally not competitive with the larger traditional mortgage products in today's market here in Colorado but when it comes to smaller HELOCS they are just about the only game in

Nov 15th 2011
Ms mary (www.loanfinancesolutionsltd)
#544 ranked lender in California - 5 contributions

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Dec 6th 2011
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