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New buyer. underwriting Q's

Hey L411! So my loan has been in "underwriting" for 97 days! For the first 3 weeks, I received consistent communication from the lender and loan officer. now, I cant get a hold of the lender or my lo (the phone just rings and goes to a master voice mail for InAlliance Public Lending and Trust company. Is this common can i find out? I do not wnt to be presumptuous . trying to be patience. could this be fraud? Thank you folks! by jackson.bolshirej... from Mills, Wyoming. Jun 3rd 2020 Reply

Sarah Johnson (SarahJohnson)
#2 ranked lender in Wyoming - 6 contributions

Hello, No - that is definitely not normal - we are closing some loans in 14 -21 days. If you have any questions at all - please reach out to my cell 307-267-9568. Let's discuss and I will do my best to help out;)

Jun 3rd 2020

Please call 951-474-0777. Thank you.

Jun 5th 2020
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