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Non-Owner, $12,000 down, 600 FICO

ILive in TX. Looking to purchase fixer upper in DMV area. Looking for lender in Detroit. Can you help me? by bb.hunny34 from Detroit, Michigan. Apr 15th 2020 Reply

Patrick Munce (mtgbuyer1)
#24 ranked lender in Michigan - 13 contributions

i live in West Bloomfield- Waterford-Union lake Area near Detroit MI.I have a lot of professional resources for you.I have been in Private lending/mortgage lending for over 30 years. I have a unique Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in working with Real Estate Investors. Please feel free to contact me for free advice.

Apr 15th 2020
Larry Penilla (Larry Penilla)
#4 ranked lender in Indiana - 25 contributions

sorry no

Apr 16th 2020
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