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Obligated to share results of homeowner's inspection report?

As a seller, am I obligated to share the results of the homeowner's inspection report I paid for with the buyer? by CarmenBrody966 from Scottsdale, Arizona. Jan 30th 2017 Reply

Joseph Afonso (jafonso)
#64 ranked lender in Arizona - 196 contributions

The buyer should get their own home inspection. You may want to speak to your Realtor about what will need to be disclosed as the seller of your property.

Jan 30th 2017
Mike and Jill Kohler (LenderMike)
#32 ranked lender in Pennsylvania - 56 contributions

The buyer should get their own inpsection report. Also I would suggest you talk to your realtor about what you found out in the report. You don't want to be held liable for something you should have disclosed about the property.

Feb 9th 2017
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