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Option For Commercial Loan After Primary Bank Says No

Small business with 1 mil gross per year, in business since 2001. Owner has felony conviction (drug conspiracy, no violence or fraud) at age 18 (27 years ago). Owner BK'd in 2010 after the collapse. Trying to buy the building they lease and have been in for 7 years that the current owners have given them first right of purchase. They can come up with the 20% but the bank wont lend due to BK and Felony. by alohatroy799 from , California. Feb 18th 2020 Reply

Timothy Howard (timehoward)
#117 ranked lender in Arizona - 159 contributions

We have some solutions to this. Please call me at 435-764-8709Timothy Howard nmls 320929

Feb 18th 2020
Aundrea Beach-Greco (aundreabeachgreco)
#1 ranked lender in Nevada - 34 contributions

We may have an option for him depending upon FICO score. 702-326-7866

Feb 19th 2020
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