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Please help! I'm in the middle of divorce and found my husband refinanced our hone and has a HELOC-I'm being held responsible.

My husband refinanced our home taking $400,000 out. I am on the deed. The mortgage papers were presented to me by my husband with the pages flipped to the signature page. No one was present to witness, notarize or explain what I was signing. I did not know he was borrowing this money only thought he was getting a better rate as he said. We are now getting a divorce and he has defaulted on the loan. What is my recourse with husband and mortgage company? Also, he obtained a $150,000 HELOC on our previous home. I was on the deed. It was never recorded. I never knew about this until just recently-this HELOC is from 20 years ago and he is still paying on it . I am being held responsible as marital debt. What is my recourse? by nancygolf584 from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Nov 4th 2023 Reply

Nancy J Releford (nancyreleford)
#4 ranked lender in Tennessee - 233 contributions

I would consult with your divorce attorney.

Nov 6th 2023
Joe Metzler (JoeMetzler)
#17 ranked lender in Minnesota - 4,843 contributions

Unfortunately, you signed the documents agreeing to everything. I doubt there is much you can do at this point other than contact a good divorce attorney. Good luck.

Apr 3rd 2024
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