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Poor credit score is preventing me from refinancing my morttage, who can I contact for help in washington dc area.

score is in 500 range but lots equity in primarily residence - dc is excluded from programs researched. Told I needed file bankruptcy, is there another way? Washington DC by sarad9_702_453 from Washington, District Of Columbia. Jan 20th 2012 Reply

Axel Logan (mayfunds)
#564 ranked lender in California - 7 contributions

Hi,You do not need to file bankruptcy. We facilitate all types of Collateral and Non-collateral loans such as: Real Estate Take-out Loan, Real Estate Mortgage Loan, Personal loan, Car Loan, Car Loan Mortgage without Taking your Car, Non-Collateral Business Loan, Non-Collateral Corporate Loan, OFW Loan, Seaman's Loan, Doctor's Loan, Salary Loan, Truck Loan, Motorcycle and Tricycle Loan, etc. We can assist you to get the lowest interest rate and the fastest loan release within few hours. For assistance or for more information, please contact:

Jan 20th 2012
Mary Fox (hmfcontact)
#10 ranked lender in Pennsylvania - 6 contributions

Here is an excerpt from the most recent Freddie Mac housing news, which is good news for you:Freddie Mac Cuts Refi Credit Score Requirements for SomePosted on January 20, 2012 in freddie mac, housing news, mortgage news with no commentsrefi credit score requirementsIn an effort to make refinancing available to more homeowners Freddie Mac announced that it would no longer require homeowners to have credit scores of 620 or higher as long as the loan is current, the LTV at 80% or higher, and the refinance is being completed with their existing lender.The new rule became effective for loans settled as of January 5, 2012.In December Fannie Mae eliminated the need for servicers to determine the borrower's ability to repay a refinance. Both servicers have eliminated up front refinancing fees, lifted the limits to refinancing underwater loans, and taken steps to mitigate the representation and warranty risks incurred by the lender on the old loan in an effort to make low interest refinancing accessible to more homeowners.You should contact your current mortgage company and reference this article.Good Luck I

Jan 21st 2012
Bert Carpenter (BertCarpenter)
#38 ranked lender in Arizona - 1,828 contributions

You did not mention why you are trying to refinance. The appropriate answer is dependant upon what you intend to do. If you are looking to refinance to cash out some of your equity, it is going to be much harder than if you are looking for simply lowering your rate. In a rate reduction, I would look to your current lender. They are already on the hook for the debt, and should be willing to assist you. If they are not, and it is possible they won't, I would then contact a local Mortgage Banker/Broker. Mortgage Brokers/Bankers are Trained, Tested and Licensed in all aspects of Mortgage Origination. He/She can also help you understand what you can do to improve your credit score. He/She will have access to loan products of many lenders, not just those of one bank, and can properly guide you. But more importantly, He/She is trained to take a look at the various different options available to you and guide you into the one that makes the best sense for your situation. Don't forget to check out your selected Mortgage Originator at the National Mortgage Licensing System at ~ Bert Carpenter, The LoansA2z team of NOVA Home Loans ~ NMLS 40586 ~

Jan 22nd 2012

To Everyone,Thank you for offering me some hope.

Jan 24th 2012
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