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possible to get usda loan with 612 credit score?

by janicemeyers.gogo... from Pierre, South Dakota. Jan 13th 2014 Reply

Phil Dumouchel (PhilDu)
#32 ranked lender in South Carolina - 2,247 contributions

not from any lender I know of. 620 is sometimes possible with compensating factors but I believe that is the minimum

Jan 13th 2014
James Macon (SiouxFallsMortgage)
#5 ranked lender in South Dakota - 17 contributions

We have lenders that will underwrite USDA loans at 620. Per USDA requirements though, please see below. "Applicants must have a credit history that indicates a reasonable ability and willingness to meet obligations as they become due. A credit history reflecting any or all of the following is considered unacceptable credit history" ? More than one 30-day late within the past 12 months. ? Bankruptcy or foreclosure discharged less than 36 months ? Outstanding judgments within the past 12 months ? Two or more rent payments 30 days late within the past 3 years. ? Outstanding collection accounts with no payment arrangements ? Outstanding tax liens or delinquent federal debt with no payment arrangements ? Accounts converted to collections in the past 12 months.

Jan 14th 2014
Rick Van Den Top (RickVanDenTop)
#3 ranked lender in South Dakota - 7 contributions

Hi Janice,Give me a call at 605-359-1775 to discuss. Thanks.

Jan 17th 2014
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