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Refinance With No Closing Costs?

I'd like to refinance my house for a lower interest rate, I have excellent credit. I don't really want to change my mortgage company but why does it cost so much to buy my own house? Any lenders in PA that cost less? i can afford the closing costs but would ratherto spend it on renovations to my home. by jludlow from San Dimas, California. Apr 13th 2010 Reply

Gregorio Denny (GVDenny)
#256 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

You should revisit this now that rates are at all time lows. Give me a call. Gregorio Denny --WeFixRates.Com--

Jun 25th 2010
Hugh Duckett (duante.duckett)
#12 ranked lender in Maryland - 10 contributions

Your lender should be able to offer a lender credit for much of the closing costs. If the total costs is 3% of the loan amount. The lender has a way to using a lender credit to cover at least 2% of the costs. You would be responsible for 1%.

Apr 13th 2010
Leo Namiot (leolends)
#5 ranked lender in Connecticut - 13 contributions

I can offer you a no or very low closing cost solution for your refinance. Contact me if you are interested. If your credit is acceptable and full doc 1-866-334-5626

Apr 13th 2010
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