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RV unit or condo? Which is a better option?

I recently got an amazing job that isn’t stressful in a high cost of living small town in wine country. Rents are overpriced. Folks are getting $1k to rent rooms out of their own houses. My husband is about to retire soon in a nearby state which means I’ll have to commute in the next 2 years before he settles down. We considered purchasing an RV for me to dwell in while I work. But, the issue is that the discounted RV park is 40 minutes away from work which is inconvenient. Meanwhile, if I purchase a condo unit, my workplace will only be less than 15 minutes away from my home. The other problem is the price. Homes are usually $900k+ in this area and the rare for sale condo are around $450k. That’s how much we spent on our house in a different state. I really want to purchase the condo because I love the area and you have lots of things to do on a 30 minute drive. There are many places to check out too, like a beach, mountains, lakes, etc. My husband, on the other hand, wants me to buy the RV, because it’s more affordable. I see the situation as a guaranteed depreciating asset vs. a possible increasing asset. Which option do you think is better? by jandres344 from Arlington, Arizona. 8 days ago Reply

Dave Skow (daveskow)
#16 ranked lender in Washington - 294 contributions

I agree wit you - Consider buying the condo so that you can live in it whiel you need to .....when reaching the next chapter and needing to move - consider keeping the condo and renting it or selling the condo and using the proceeds for your next plan ..real estate is a much better investment in most cases vs a RV

4 days ago
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