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Senior Citizen purchasing a vacation home..

Hi everyone,Quick, general question for anyone who can help: my mother, who is 65 and living in Colorado is wanting to purchase a 2nd home (condo) in LA. She has near 800 credit score, zero debts (no credit card balances, no auto note, etc.) and her current/primary residence is has been paid off. My question is, are there different or additional requirements for retired/seniors when shopping for a new mortgage on a vacation home? She does have verifiable income through tax returns (because she's retired here current income is based on pension, interest, SS, and IRA withdrawals). Thanks. by marge44 from Boulder, Colorado. Mar 5th 2010 Reply

Eddie Stephen (EdtheLoanGuy)
#15 ranked lender in Colorado - 24 contributions

It sounds like your Mom is in a good financial position. If she is looking to buy a 2nd home she will have plenty of options, especially her credit scores and the fact she has assets. I Live in Colorado and would be more than happy to talk through what is available. If you give me a call or send me an email I can give you all the information you and your mom need to make a sound decision.ThanksEddie Stephen

Mar 5th 2010
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