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Short sale rules in oregon

Short-sold home eight months ago because I was laid off. When can I can a new mortgage I am in oregon. I've been working for the past two months at new job, making 3500 per month (before tx). credit 700. by ginniealfs72638981 from Buxton, Oregon. Sep 16th 2014 Reply

Mitch Poitevint: MLO-283198 (mitch.poitevintMLO283198)
#26 ranked lender in Oregon - 8 contributions

Hi, I am a Mortgage Banker in Southern Oregon. You may be able to use the FHA "Back To Work" program which would allow you to buy sooner than the usual wait times. I am available tomorrow if you would like to give me a call and we can discuss it further.Mitch Poitevint: Sr. Mortgage Banker, MLO:283198Pacific Residential

Sep 16th 2014
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