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Should I report this and how?

A loan officer from my current mortgage company called me today offering to lower my payments. I talked with him for a bit, and he explained that they were offering to lower my interest rates at no cost to me because current rates are so low and they want to keep my business. He never said the word "re-finance", not even once, but I suspected that was what he was pitching. One of the critical points that he mentioned was that THEY would cover ALL closing costs. This is really when I started to consider it seriously. However, on my Loan Estimate I see that the total closing costs are $4,708 and they are only offering Lender Credit of $1,173. This is leaving me with $482 due at closing and $3,053 that is being added to my original loan amount and financed.This is a HUGE red flag for me because I was clearly lied to when the loan officer was talking to me on the phone. Is this something that I should report him for? And if so, what organization am I supposed to report it to? by jbaker4484442 from Chattanooga, Tennessee. 12 days ago Reply

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