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Super Jumbo Refi with DTI>45%

Who will allow a DTI > 45%? I'm talking only up to 50% DTI on this. I have a client with one of their properties on the market. Once it's sold, having the mortgage removed from their DTI will bring it down to under 40%. Loan amount is for 1.1 million against value of 1.9M and is under 60% LTV. Borrower has excellent credit. by freeeek55 from Beverly Hills, California. Mar 31st 2011 Reply

Gary Crist (coloradoreversemortgagelender)
#26 ranked lender in Colorado - 38 contributions

Hi, at First National Bank, we work with several different lending underwriters to find the best possible loan for our customers. I loan nationwide with First National Bank. Give me a call at 888-546-9927 or visit my website at: to see how we may be able to help your situation.

Apr 3rd 2011
Rudi Hofmann (CaPortfolioLoans)
#282 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

If you can't find anyone, I would appreciate the referral.Happy funding, Rudi

Apr 4th 2011
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