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VA Loan , Non-VA Co signer

I am looking to use my VA benefit and my fiance is not in the Military or Veteran. Can a non-VA co-sign on a VA loan? by husubesecl992 from Amelia Court House, Virginia. Sep 26th 2018 Reply

Ralph Richard Guertin (
#136 ranked lender in Florida - 800 contributions

If you were married and had full benefits you could get 100% financing with of course decent income and credit, within the boarder Va loan guidelines. BUT being not married VA will only cover 1/2 of the loan YOUR half. I have been doing this for over 18 years and have never done a loan split like that. Good luck

Sep 26th 2018
John Schweer (johnschweer)
#9 ranked lender in Missouri - 163 contributions

Yes you can, yes I have. You will need 12.5% of the purchase price down payment. You will each have to qualify for your half of the debt. The file will have to be underwritten by The VA regional loan center after being originated by whichever lender you choose. Feel free to contact me for further non obligation discussion. I'm a Veteran myself & have done VA Lending for 20 years in November. V/r John

Sep 26th 2018
William J Acres (William_Acres)
#73 ranked lender in Arizona - 8,728 contributions

The short answer is that it's allowed, but the process to get a lender to do this is near impossible.. It can be done, but it's a very complicated loan and as Ralph said, your benefits are cut in half.. It's best to wait till you are married, and then apply jointly.. then, there's no issue at all.. I'm a preferred Lender with California and Arizona being my primary markets. If you or someone you know is looking for financing options, feel free to contact me or pass along my information. 480-287-5714 NMLS# 226347 / LendUS, NMLS 1938/ AZMB0121893

Oct 1st 2018
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