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WF 203(k) loan 6/2013, uninhabitable due to contractor negligence WF paid him anyway.

The Renovation Specialist rejected my original contractors bid. He said, "Not enough meat here, too many little things. I know this amazing xontractor, I'm using him new place." He then pulled up his contractors website and proceeds to rave about his guy. Told me if I wanted him I better call right away before he was either too busy or expensive to afford. So...thinking I had the best information possible from My Wells Fargo Renovation Spec. I called from the parking lot. Everything seemed wonderful in the beginning. We met at the home, he took several pictures all the while making notes on his iPad of the home conditions. changes I needed and ones I wanted. I waited for weeks to just get an accurate bid and to this day do not have an accurate copy. I was told by the renovation specialist that we had to get the FHA Appraisal done so he scheduled it without a finalized. signed bid from the "New "(his) contractor. I found out just a few weeks ago that he used my original contractors bid that he had rejected. He got the loan approved with one bid to the Appraiser and when the other contractor finally turned something into the RENOV. Spec. he switched those bids out in the final loan process. I was called by the realtor and told this is very deceptive and could affect the entire loan. As the now hired contractor (after several meetings at project) started in late August and nothing was getting done. It became more amd.ore.obvious that I had made a huge mistake, the bid I find ally saw was lacking detail and his favorite go to phrase was, "I don't recall that conversation."He only showed on site when he thought he had to sign a doc for payment from Wells Fargo to both of us and I was to sign checks over to him if work was completed in a workmanship type manner. Too date I have no functioning bath or shower. He failed to get necessary pwrmits for some work and didn't follow thru with inspections on others. I voiced my concerns, sent pages and pages of concerns to WF not to mention extra inspections to prove his incompetent business. professional issues also the health and safety issues of home due to his incompetence and lack of contractor experience and ethics. He knew there is lead paint, and was not certified. So many other errors on project yet when I refused to sign the final payment from WF they canceled that check, by and paid him directly. Even the City Inspectors are after him for his shoddy work and lack of.permits. I am relieved somewhat because I have pictures before, durimg . and after he was paid. Also documentation that Farmers Insurance said was "Contractor Negligence" due to his sub-comtracting the floor steam clean to someone else that used a power washer and caused water damage, mold. and damage to walls because of.the power blowing things apart. I don't know what to do..... by rosetadlock694 from , California. Mar 24th 2014 Reply

Bruce Conn (BruceConn)
#274 ranked lender in California - 19 contributions

Please, let me be first to say it: You are the victim of a crime. It is the duty of Wells Fargo to maintain rigid compliance with the laws and regulations of FHA, Treasury, and so many more. The employee IS Wells Fargo when he is serving you. The bank is responsible for his actions. You win.Don't get stung twice - do your homework in picking an attorney. Interview at least 2 of them and when this is all presented to opposing counsel at Wells Fargo... heads will roll and you will get an out of court settlement plus the bank will pay all your legal fees.NOTE THIS: I'm not an attorney and you shouldn't take any of this as more than an unqualified opinion. That said, Go kick some arse!

Mar 25th 2014
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