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What are the requirements as far as credit history for USDA loans?

by beck.dalton533 from Van Nuys, California. Mar 17th 2015 Reply

Andy Brown (
#1116 ranked lender in California - 3 contributions

Hope this answers your question.Min 3 tradelines with min 12 mos history requiredMin tradeline requirements must be met by min 1 borrower contributing qualifying income or assetsNon-traditional credit: min 3 references with 12 mos history; 1 must be housingTradeline exception may be allowedCollections: Account cannot have been placed in collection status within last 12 months; Capacity analysis must be completed; if total of non-medical, non-chargeoff collection balances are $2,000 or more, they must be paid off, in a repayment plan or use 5% of the balance when calculating DTI. A letter of explanation is required.If < 680 FICO, 12 months housing payment history and 0 X 30 last 12 months requiredJudgments: Judgements must be paid in full or must be in a repayment plan for at least 3 months prior to application. A letter of explanation is required.1 X 30 Last 12 Mos: A letter of explanation is required

Mar 18th 2015
Edgar Aranda (earanda)
#753 ranked lender in California - 93 contributions

Here is some information on the credit history requirements for USDA loans: Applicants must have a credit history that indicates a reasonable ability and willingness to meet obligations as they become due. Some issues that are considered unacceptable credit history include maore than one 30-day late within the past 12 months, bankruptcy or foreclosure discharged less than 36 months, outstanding judgments within the past 12 months, outstanding collection accounts with no payment arrangements and/or outstanding tax liens or delinquent federal debt with no payment arrangements. This is a short list of items. Please can us and we can provide a free mortgage analysis and discuss all loan programs that might work for your unique situation 8774044805. Thank you for your inquiry!

Mar 23rd 2015
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