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What can I do to be able get pre-apporved from leander with mid score 607?

my husband has mid 607 score pull by mortgage lender a few months back and she had advice us that we may need to wait untill we get to 620 , so anyone know any lender out there will approved the loan for us , we are live in frisco,tx .... thanks!!! by sally3_112 from Frisco, Texas. Jul 26th 2011 Reply

David Tominaga (dtominaga)
#376 ranked lender in California - 4 contributions

Yes programs have changed. We are one of the few lenders that have programs that can go down to a 600 mid fico. Please call me I can be reached at 1877-900-4762 x318.Thank you.

Jul 26th 2011
Joe Metzler (JoeMetzler)
#1 ranked lender in Minnesota - 4,072 contributions

A 607 score is not a good score, and while shopping around enough you may be able to find someone to look at your application, understand two things. First, just because you meet a minimum score requirement doesn't mean you are approved. It simple means you are not automatically denied. Secondly, you likely will pay a penalty in a higher rate for those low scores. While I understand the desire to buy, it is almost always better to take a little time to understand and fix the credit before buying. While it varies slightly by lender, the magic number you want to be above is typically 640 for Government loans (FHA, VA) and 660 for standard Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac loans.

Jul 27th 2011
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