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What Commercial RE Lenders do loans of less than 50 grand?

I need a commercial lender to do a small Commercial RE loan to buy an Auto Repair Shop in New York State. Purchase price of 45,000 and would like about 15,000 extra to do some upgrading. Fair Credit Score. Any ideas? by ghd_new_consumer from , . Jul 15th 2011 Reply

Gianni Cerretani (mortgagegodfather)
#32 ranked lender in Georgia - 238 contributions

no one that I know of!

Jul 15th 2011
Ulysses Fletcher (ufletcher8141)
#26 ranked lender in Georgia - 245 contributions

I am a Broker that handles commercial financing Nationwide.I have a wide range of funding sources.Email me any information that you might have on the project to

Jul 3rd 2012
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