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What is the lowest possible down payment we need to come up with? This will be our first home. We have good credit but not too much to put down.

Should this be FHA loan? by Azita.Esfahanai from Trenton, New Jersey. Mar 14th 2010 Reply

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We have a couple FHA programs available with little or no down payment needed the 100% financing can be done with a "down payment assistance" program If you call me or go to my website www.FHASUBMISSIONS.COM it will be explained.We also have a 3.5% down payment program available ...there is also a $8,000 first time "Home Buyer tax credit" that you can apply for if you can close escrow by the end of the of April 2010 and this is going to be your principal residence.I would be more then happy to explain the "Down payment assistance " program and the "Home buyer tax credit" when you call me at (310) 984-0496 or again you can go to my website and fill out a prequalification form at www.FHASUBMISSIONS.COM - Jeffrey Martino Young.

Mar 14th 2010
Lisa Dudley (lisadudley)
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We have a 100% loan that allows you to put nothing down and even roll in your closing costs. It's only for certain counties in New York but I'll bet the loan exists in other states since it's government funded. Call me if you live in NY. My cell is 845.464.9025. I look forward to working with you.Lisa DudleyABC 123

Mar 16th 2010
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