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what re you credit challenged folks doing to fix the problem? is it working for you/I was digging pretty deep on pres plans even s

by scottcolglazier from Blaine, Washington. May 13th 2021 Reply

well, i am looking at several whom i am familiar lexington-ovation and the credit people but mostly myself since iknow the tactics that said, I have not done much due to money contraints anyway, buddy of mine {with good credit wants to go into biz together and I am all in on the idea as said, is a money thing figured you had methods but listen, the main street that creates little town of birch bay the endcap store has c-21 for sale sign but may be gone now, no idea asking price look into it for us? please do and let me know oh and jsyk wanting to start espresso,live music,weed credit repair and more possibly concrete co office incld then couple more, after started if it booms buy next shop over, all beach stuff swim wear snorkles little things like that hell, keep growing own the whole little town! never hurts to dream big right? but want to start where I said, being single, I am great at putting away money so then we go va house hunting or building fha/whatever you do but a ways off that magical 620 your programs require anyway... mom and dad navy vets may help huh? knew I should have gone through my marine signup almost did it oh well get hold of me bud or lets grab a coffee and war room ideas my phone still at brads damn it, i need it he knows number here his is 734-2981 thanks but, chomping at the bit waiting besides, it's shorts and tee-shirt weather on beach here

Jul 9th 2021
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