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What's best way to refi? Owe 330k worth 450k@ 6.3%. Plan to stay in house 1 more yr.

by kc2010_317 from Mobile, Alabama. Jul 27th 2011 Reply

Brian Curl (brianleecurl)
#9 ranked lender in Kentucky - 22 contributions

I would advise if it makes sense, take a higher rate so that the lender can cover most if not all of your closing costs. Then, after you close and get a refund of your escrow account, apply that to the new mortgage. Also, do not skip any payments, save the payments that you will miss because of the refinance and apply those to the new mortgage after you close. Email me if you have any questions, we have a AL licensed Loan Officer in our office. Thanks.

Jul 27th 2011
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