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What's the difference betwn collateral and mortgage?

by granboul170 from Branford, Connecticut. Oct 2nd 2019 Reply

Dotty Owens (do1025)
#24 ranked lender in Connecticut - 21 contributions

Hi,Very simply put, Collateral is an asset, security or guarantee that is pledged for repayment. A Mortgage is a debt that secures the Collateral for a Lender. Most of the time when you get a mortgage, a piece of property or land is used as Collateral. The Lender secures the Mortgage to the Collateral, records the Mortgage on the Land Records so everyone knows that the Collateral is encumbered or given as security to repay the mortgage and the Mortgage allows the Lender to foreclose on the Collateral if the Mortgage isn't paid on time.I hope this answered your question. Please feel free to reach out to me at Dotty Owens, Northeast Financial, NMLS # 70977

Oct 2nd 2019
Cody Bellah (
#18 ranked lender in Missouri - 78 contributions

Collateral is an asset, Mortgage is a debt that secures the Collateral simply put.

Oct 3rd 2019
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